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Our Mission

Alexandria Labs is focused on information access, bringing knowledge and literature to the world and returning money and control to authors and creators.

  • Because our digital books are platformless and stored on the permaweb, they’re not hidden behind paywalls by Amazon or Google Books. No one can ever take them down—not any corporation, not us.

We envision a future where:

  • As a reader, you own your books. When you buy books, your money goes directly to the author. No one can lock you out of your account and take them away. You can resell them at will.
  • As an author or publisher, you own your content. You control pricing, royalties, and privacy, and can profit from secondary markets—which has not been possible for ebooks before smart contracts. Your books are interoperable between platforms, open to indexing and search by other applications, if you want them to be.